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Joel Burcat is the author of environmental legal thrillers, speculative thrillers, and imaginative stories about everything from beer to murder. Read More.

PRAISE for Drink to Every Beast

Writers like Burcat demonstrate that “within the densest fog and darkest black, you can find clarity and color if your imagination is 20-20.”

-Frank Bruni, New York Times

“With excellent handling of dialogue, description, characterization, and plot, Drink to Every Beast is quite a feast and a wonderful debut novel.”

-Viga Boland, Readers’ Favorite

“DRINK TO EVERY BEAST provides a great look into an uncommon thriller subject.”

-Keshana Hanson, Reviewing the Evidence

“Burcat packs his story with enthralling subplots and characters.”

-Kirkus Reviews

“…A fast-paced and compelling story.”

– DP Lyle, MD, award-winning author of the Jake Longly and Cain/Harper thriller series

“…a fast-paced environmental legal thriller with smart, engaging characters and a level of complexity that serious readers of the genre will undoubtedly enjoy.”

– Jeff Gunhus, USA TODAY bestselling author 

“…a spine-tingling thriller that will make you want more.”

– Don Helin, award-winning author of Devil’s Den and Secret Assault



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