Joel Burcat contracted non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy in his left eye in July 2016. This disease caused permanent blindness in that eye. While he could still see, he could no longer see well enough to read out of that eye and the disease made correction–either through lenses or an operation–impossible. On January 7, 2018, he contracted the disease in his right eye. He is now legally blind.

“Although I am glad to say that I am not profoundly blind and can still see well enough to conduct most daily activities, I can no longer read print from a book or paper and cannot drive a car. I was forced to retire from the practice of law. I am able to read back-lighted print from a monitor or screen if it is bold and large enough. Also, I have this yard-wide, ultra-high def monitor that really helps. I make extensive use of Dragon dictation software, but editing is a bitch. I am making the best of it. I give enormous credit and my wish of strength and peace to anyone afflicted with a disability that has an impact on their life. Until you have a disability, you really do not know what that is like.”

A portion of the profits from my writing go to Vision Resources of Central Pennsylvania to assist them in the excellent work that they do.